Having child support case moved

Good Morning,

I was wondering if there was any way possible that I could get my child support case moved to a different county.

My ex-wife was having a sexual relationship with the child support enforcement attorney in our county. My child support case has been active for three years so I received a letter stating that my ex-wife or myself could take the case to court for possible modification. My oldest son will turn 18 this fall so it will have to go back to court this year anyway.

I was able to have this child support enforcement attorney removed from my case but I think he still has access to my files. At the November DSS Board meeting, I went to find out why he was allowed to violate county DSS policy and he knew intimate details about my child support case. This attorney has threatened to sue me twice to shut me up. My ex-wife has also been harrassing me.

I still have an active grievance with the NC State Bar against this attorney. This attorney also violated county DSS policy but the county DSS Board stated, “There is no ethical violation here!” The chairman of the county commissioner’s will not allow me to present my complaint to the board of commissioner’s and he told me to take it up with the state bar.

I have been having recurrent nightmares. I have trouble falling asleep. I wake up multiple times every night. I have constant ringing in my ears. I have a constant slight headache and trouble concentrating. This has affected my relationships and my work performance.

I don’t have any money for an attorney. I have to work two jobs to pay my child support and pay my own bills.

My only hope is to have my case moved to a different county.

That is a very complicated situation, and beyond the scope of the forum. I suggest you consult with a local attorney.

I will try to contact a lawyer from a different county. The one I have in mind is already suing our county DSS but I don’t have any money for an attorney. I was thinking about filing a modification, state the facts about the conflict of interest and request that my child support case be handled in a neighboring county to ensure fairness. Do you think it would be worth a shot? The worst the judge could say is no!