Appealing Child Support

  1. My ex-wife was having a sexual relationship with our County DSS Child Support Enforcement attorney. I recieved letters from the NC DSS and County DSS stating he will not have anything to do with my child support case due to the conflict of interest but he still has been heavily involved in my case and I have it documented.

  2. The second DSS attorney did not know his job duties or who he respresented. He kept filing court document that stated he was representing on behalf of my ex-wife. This was contrary to NC DSS and County DSS written policies and statements. He refused to clarify his representation with DSS and requested the judge to “pen in” corrections to his documents. This create another conflict of interest. This attorney also refused to address the hidden income issue. My ex-wife had breast augmentation surgery, bought a swimming pool, a hot tub and a jet ski. She bought and maintains three cars. All of this on her meager salary that she claims. When my ex-wife and I were together, we couldn’t have afforded these luxuries. After many requests,this attorney finally called Raleigh to clarify his representation. He refused to explain what he had learn then stated, “I don’t want to argue about it” and removed himself immediately from my case.

  3. The third DSS attorney would not answer any of my questions or address any other my previous concerns. She subpoenaed a girl who does not work for the county DSS to work on my child support case. I think this girl is a friend of my ex-wife and the DSS attorney my ex-wife was having a sexual relationship with… I protested. The third attorney lied to me and told me that the girl is employed by the county DSS. I told the third attorney that I called three times to the county DSS to talk to her and each time I was told she does not work there. Then the third attorney said, “Yes, you are right! She does not work there. You will have to take that up with her.” She then turned her back on me and walked away. Later, this attorney lied and told the judge that I wanted to dismiss both of my motions. Both of my motions were dismissed. My son is serving in the U.S. Navy and he is still on my child support obligation.

I do not feel that the County DSS has given me fair, unbiased child support hearings. I feel that my right to due process has been violated.

I have file complaints with every agency and committee in the the state of North Carolina. I even contacted the ACLU. They said they only have one attorney for the entire state and cannot handle every complaint that they receive. The only committee that gave me any advice was the Judical Standards Commission. They stated that the events were troubling but it was out of their jurisdiction. They recommended that I follow the appeals process through the court system.

So my question is, what is the procedure to appeal my child support case?

Thank you! Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

To appeal a judgment or court order, you need to follow the rules of appellate procedure: … erules.pdf.

You better research for the rules for your appeals. I’m sure that there will be a different procedural governing the appeals process that will depends upon the kind of case you have.