Ex dating Child support Enforcement Attorney


I just found out that my ex-wife is dating the DSS Child Support Enforcement Attorney in our county. I have received letters from him requesting paycheck stubs and income tax information. I have seen his truck at my ex-wife house several times when I picked up or dropped off my kids. I have seen him coming out of my ex’s house and recently seen them at a local park together. My kids told me he is my ex’s new boyfriend. I don’t care who she is dating because she goes through men constantly but I am getting married and will soon have a minor dependent living with me and my oldest son will turn 18 next year and my daughter the follow year. I would think this would be a conflict of interest and I didn’t think attorneys were allowed to date people they represent. Please advise how to handle this situation.


Attorneys should not have a romantic relationship with a current client, UNLESS the relationship began BEFORE the representation. You may contact the State Bar to report the attorney if the relationship begin after the representation.


According to the NC State Bar website, Rule 1.19 Sexual Relations with Clients Prohibited states:
(a) A lawyer shall not have sexual relations with a current client of the lawyer.
(b) Paragraph (a) shall not apply if a consensual sexual relationship existed between the lawyer and the client before the legal representation commenced.

I am wondering if my ex-wife broke up the marriage of this Child Support Enforcement Attorney. During our marriage, my ex-wife was confronted by a wife about an affair. My ex-wife boasted, “This is not the first marriage I have broken up!” And I’m sure it wasn’t the last. I have sent formal complaints about this DSS attorney to the local county commissioners, the director of the NC DSS, and the NC State Bar Grievance Committee. I will let them figure out if this relationship existed before the legal representation commenced. I shouldn’t have to deal with stress like this.