D.s.s help!


Your husband will need to seek help from child support enforcement. They are able to obtain proof of earnings using social security numbers and can also do tax interventions.

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email me at det37@msn.com I am having a similar situation where lies and frustration has become the norm I am attempting to document as many situations as possible where lies and frustration have become the norm hopefully as many as possible in my county in particular.

Disbelief in the system


my husband currently has a child support case going and D.S.S is envolved. His ex went into the court on nov.21 said she was working and paying daycare and insurance. when D.S.S told her she had to produce this she went back into court on jan.3 and said she wasn’t working. she’s lying and they are helping her do it. had we not have contested last time she would have gotten away with it and they have it in their records that she was not working. how is that fair i know they claim to go to court for the children but i have 2 kids myself. so my kids are suppose to stay on medicaid and food stamps and my husband is suppose to pay 154.00 a week for blue cross blue shield for her kids. plus child support, who can i report this to i called the supervisor and she wouldn’t help in any way, we even showed her that she commited fraud on the affidavit of parentage. they just oh well. what is wrong with this picture?
help what do i do.