He Moved out


No. Assets and liabilites are decided separately from child support which is based exclusively on income, and allows certain other expenses like daycare and medical insurance. Considering he is physically abusive, you’ll probably get the car anyway.


As the last post indicated, child support is determined based on both parents incomes. The payment for the car would not be considered child support. It may be helpful for you to go the child support calculator on our web site and see what your support payment might be.

If you are planning to remain separate and plan to divide assets and debts, which is where an agreement about the car will come in. It will not impact your amount of child support.

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Ok. He moved out. It was a choice his first sergeant made for him. He physically assulted me Friday night. I did nto call the cops on him. Although I know I should have. Anyway, the room is in on base is for 2 days but i am not ready for him to come back and have told him this. I dont know what to do now. We were both told by different people that if he let me take the car and he continues to pay for it and the insurance that I couldnot get more child support becuase total, it would be over $600 a month and that would be considered child support. I am just wandering this is true? I would not ask for more than this if what we heard was indeed true. Thanks in advance for any answers.