Health benefits

Husband gave me a separation agreement with his terms . Providing me with health benefits during separation was one of them . I have been getting physical thearapy for the last 3 yrs . It is time for him to renew benfits . Does he , by law , have to maintain the same standard of healthcare benefits as he has for last 4 years or can he downgrade them to HMO . we are still in the same house so still legally married .

If you are still in the same house, and never began living separate and apart, your agreement may not be valid, depending on how long ago it was signed.

As for the reduction in benefits, he may do so unless the agreement (if valid) prevents him from doing so.

I have not signed anything . He gave me a separation agreement his atty drew and I did not sign it .
It does not say what type of benefits just benefits for a year
Since I have not signed and we are not separate but I know his intent do I have any say in type
of benefits or in maintaining same quality so as to continue physical therapy ?

You can negotiate to have him maintain coverage for physical therapy and that specification will need to be included in the Separation Agreement before it is signed.