Health Insurance


One more question - My wife has traditionally paid for our heath insurance and she is the primary person on the plan. She is a cancer survivor so we are covered under Obamacare. Today she said if I do not start paying for my portion of the health insurance she is talking me off of it. I am in fair health but definitely need insurance. Can she legally do that? I do currently pay for well over 80% of the expenses for the kids (I have it well documented) and was wondering if she can simply remove me from the health plan at her own free will. BTW we have been separated for just over a month.


I had my husband removed from all my accounts once he moved in with his girlfriend and after we had separation papers that said he would now be responsible for his and my sons insurance. He never reimburse me for any of the premium dollars spent


It is up to the insurance provider whether they let her remove you or not. She would have to do so during open enrollment, or the provider would have to allow for separation to be a qualifying life event allowing her to change the coverage. But legally she is not obligated to provide health insurance for you and she can terminate your coverage.