Healthy Marriage Act

I have been married for 12 years, 3 children, and separated for 2 years and 4 months. My spouse commited adultry and moved with his girlfriend to Philladelphia and they concieved a child 6 months after he moved from our home. We have not filed yet but are ready to. What does this Healthy Marriage Act mean for my case. Will I be required to go through 2 years of mandatory counseling after he’s had a child and we’ve been separated for over 2 years already? We have property and for 8 of the 12 years, I was a stay at home mother and working part time when he left. Can I get alimony? He is in Philladelphia, so what does that mean if he files there? Can I use a NC lawyer, or will I have to have a Pennsylvania Lawyer? This is a mess!

Wow…just read up on this ‘Healthy Marriage’ Act.

I’d be very interested in Rosen’s take on the chance of this bill passing into law, and how that affects those of us already in the process. I’ve already satisfied TWO years of living separate and apart and am still working through property division before we file. However, the bill says you have to notify the spouse in writing that you intend to divorce to start the two year clock. Obviously all of use here didn’t do that, so do our clocks start over?!?!

Scary stuff!

That potential law is scary. One of the worst infringements on the people I can think of. Government stepping in way too deep in to individual privacy. Anything is possible but I simply can not see how this law could ever pass. I’ve written letters to all of my senators and representatives voicing my opposition to the law. Everyone else should take the time to do the same. Basically there’s almost no rules or laws regarding getting married. Yet they want to make it a law that no matter the situation, you’re forced to live in a situation you no longer want or is toxic to your life. Unbelievable.

I agree – this law should be unconsitutional. I don’t understand how the state can force you to remain married to someone. That is wrong on so many levels!

If they want to strengthen marriage and reduce the number of divorces, how about requiring a waiting period BEFORE people get married instead of after the marriage is DONE?


By the time most people are separate and apart, talking to lawyers, etc… it’s most likely over with. Why prolong the hurt for either party longer than necessary. People who are committed to working it out will do so regardless, codifying it into law won’t help 99% of the people out there. It may all sound good on paper to some but it won’t work out that way.

I also wonder how much “info” that could come out during counseling could only come back to bite you in the ass. If either party is seriously contemplating divorce than said party is not entering into mandatory counseling with the right frame of mind to fix anything. Rightfully so I might add – as when divorce starts you need to protect yourself.

The healthy marriage act is not currently the law. Under current law, you can file for divorce and, if appropriate, you could also file accompanying claims such as alimony and equitable distribution. I am not licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and therefore, I am unable to give advice pertaining to whether your husband is able to file in PA. If you are concerned that he will file, you should file in NC first, otherwise you may have to hire an attorney in Pennsylvania, and you may have to travel there for court.