Hearing for PSS was to be in December

As mentioned probably before in prior posts, I’ve been barely hanging on waiting for 10mo for a hearing/trial to address before Judge my need for PSS in my DBB case in the District Court of Columbus Cty NC.

I thought finally this would happen on 12.13.2023, given my attny said it most probably would this time. Did not happen.
Frankly, my attorney has me in a bad state not knowing which ends up from early about everything.
And has me now thinking, how could there have been a hearing on 13th of PSS or at any time.???..
for does not such a hearing for PSS
*need to be scheduled ahead of time notifying the opposition of PSS trial/hearing?
(when I see my case on the docket for 12.13 along with many times before. It lists all complaints of my DBB case such as DDB, alimony, PSS, ED, etc etc. which month after month of the 10months has been continued each time none of which is singled out as I thought it would be for the month of December for hearing of PSS. I’ve asked many times before of my attorney if he needed to make a motion, or whatever it’s called to go before the Judge for the top priority need of PSS. He said no that it’s already listed within my complaint filed last Feb.)
*a need at time of hearing of PSS for myself as plaintive to show my financial statement and defendant husband’s?
(attny has yet requested nor received)
*and for my benefit showing proof of misconduct/infidelity and possibly more of defendant’s?

something feels very amiss. I’ve combed the Columbus County online link
for anything I could pick up on to clear up the mystery to myself of how first, PSS is addressed before the assigned Judge, however my eyes get Xed reading some sections, and really nothing that stands out to me as a layman dum dum.

Each county handles their calendaring differently. It is possible in some counties that it takes a year for PSS to be heard, although this would be very long for a temporary issue such as PSS.

You wouldn’t need a separate motion for PSS if you’ve already made the claim within your complaint.

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