I'm in a fix SOS

Freaking out…
As told many times on here, My complaint of DBB was filed last February. Retainer of six thous I had to borrow, the 24 hrs has been used up. Undoubtedly to me, my attorney has milked me without barely doing anything, rather a disservice.
Been waiting since start for important hearing for PSS, temp possession of house, attorney fees. Nothing but continuances including this past December. It dawns on me. No wonder, for one, it’s been one continuance after another for attny has never requested and gotten financials from defendant husband, tho’ myself insisting many times over to do so.
How can a Judge make a determination without??

Here I am without any money. Most of the six thous retainer could have been properly utilized for getting financial disclosure, a hearing for PSS, etc etc.
Months ago, likely would have had PSS coming in, and hopefully defendant husband paying for legal expenses.
Have not dismissed my attorney as yet, but need to.
WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS, pretty please, tell?
Time is of the essence.
Geez, I don’t know if I even have a working printer.
Thinking it might be wise for me ???
in a pro se manner to do what is required with the court to end my attorney representing me.
Somehow file for being indigent to not have to pay for motions, etc etc
Put in a request for financials from opposition.
see if I can borrow a tad more on my separate property dwelling to
hire an attorney to replace the bad one
to get financials, and a hearing for PSS and legal fees,
MY PRESENT ATTORNEY told me that the courts NEVER order other spouse to pay legal fees at a PSS hearing, Only so at end of divorce process.
Feel like I’m going under in quick sand.

A judge has the ability to order one spouse to pay the other’s legal fees, but it is in the judge’s discretion. It could be that in your county such awards of attorney’s fees are extremely rare among the judges in your county. Your local counsel would know the judges in your county best.

It would be difficult for a judge to make a decision without supporting documents but it is possible. For a PSS hearing, sometimes the most important piece of evidence is each party’s financial affidavit, which is a list of each party’s income and all of their expenses.

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