Is it required that the plantiff attend the temporary hearing if they have a medical condition that prevents them from attending?

Once there is a order for child support and PSS, is it given for a specific period of time or until the divorce is final?

I am moving to Charlotte from Fayetteville and wonder if I have to come back to file and pay my attorney to do the complaint for PSS, CS and custody all over again even though I went through the process during separation.

Thanks for your advice! I love this forum.

Both parties need to attend the hearing. If there is some medical reason why a party cannot attend, the hearing should be continued, or permission sought from the court to make other accommodations if necessary.

PSS is normally ordered for a year, or until the alimony hearing is set. Child support lasts until the permanent child support/custody hearing.

If the case is not resolved in full prior to your move you may have to return to Fayetteville for the final hearings.