Help for a friend

I met a girl in November of this past year and we began dating and fell in love. Then, two days before Christmas, she called and broke it off. Turns out her ex boyfriend had coerced her to go get married at the Raleigh courthouse (using veiled threats of custody for their 3 year old boy). They had lived together for a few years but she had been living on her own since September. Her ex is an extremely controlling, manipulative guy who verbally abused and degraded her and the boy. Even he realized the marriage was a bad idea and they want out. Based on NC divorce laws, this is not an easy task. All she wants is to be able to see me, and not lose custoday of the boy, and perhaps continue to get child support. He seems concerned that she is going to go after half of his stuff, which she cares nothing about. Is there any way, based on his abuse, and her fragile mental state, that she can get out of this in a relatively short period of time …and still be able to date me?

She will not be eligible to file for divorce until she has lived separate and apart from her husband for one year and one day, regardless of the length of the marriage. She may date you is she wishes to do so.