Help! What do I do?

Been there,done that. Take a copy of the separation agreement with you to the Sherrif’s Dept oor the Police dept where she lives. They will send an officer to her house and that will scare the crap out of her. The officer will suggest she release the child to you. If she does not, get the name of the officer and a copy of the report. That will be your evidence in court that she is keeping you from seeing your child. A lot of judge’s do not like the games women play, who knows you could get custody.

Thanks for the suggestion, Rhonda.

I called the sheriff’s office there today, and they told me to go to court first. When I called the court (clerk of court) he told me to call the sheriff! This is insane! All I want is my child. She is in contempt of court! BTW, the separation agreement does say every other Thanksgiving, but doesn’t specifically say, Thanksgiving 2006 for example. I wonder if this would be enough proof?

Maybe you’re giving the sheriff too much info. Call them at least 30-45 minutes before you go to pick up the kids. Tell them you want them to be present as you’re concerned there might be “…some trouble”. Don’t say anything else. Take a copy of your order showing you are allowed visitation. If the ex shows her true colors, advise the officer he is your witness and ask that he file a report regarding her refusing to allow visitation, and ask when you can come by to pick up a copy. When I did this my ex actually told the deputy she’s give me the kids if I wrote her a check for $200. He was amazed at her arrogance.


I am/will be going through this same very thing!

Seem slike the thing to do i call the police/sheriff and tell them there might be trouble, then proceed. Let us know how it works. I was supposed to get this this year for thanksgiving because last year, she had them but our seperation agreement covering holidays wasn’t set until this year so she pulled the whole “well the sep agreement wasn’t good then” crap. I have some choice words for her, but I won’t go there… Also, I have a 50-b AGAINST HER which she has violated 3 times already and been to court 2x for. They keep slapping her on the wrist. The the last DA told me maybe some active jail time with fix things. She also is abusing my kids emotionally and some physical, though it’s not really bad, but define bad, bleeding?? Everybody still sides with the woman but I am just waiting to get more evidence so I can sink her and get my kids. My kids teachers both admitted via email that the kids want to be with me, she pinched them and cause him to bleed, and she isn’t letting them email me from school anymore which was the previous agreement i and the staff came to, then she found out…

Good luck with your situation and let us know how it works out…

North Carolina children’s services only consider it abuse if it is physical abuse or they are not being fed. They do not acknowledge the mental or emotional abuse, which will effect the children the rest of their lives.

Thanks for the replies. I really hope an attny responds on here, as I am at my wits end!

Last call I made to the court in that county told me that I’d have to hire an attorney, and that attorney would have to file some sort of document and schedule a date to see a judge. I don’t get it.

And this is the kicker: My ex is so controlling and jealous that she really doesn’t want my son to be with me for God forbid he actually enjoys himself! My (new) wife and I have 2 children together. She created a family blog and posts family stuff, etc. on there. When my son came a few weeks ago, she showed him the blog and told him he was welcome to post on there to let the family (grandparents, etc.) know what he’s up to, post a Christmas gift list, etc. Well, he said that his mother didn’t want him on there (she knew about this blog and has tapped into it many times). The only blog on there of him was a “Happy Birthday” to him months ago. There are no pics of him on there. In fact, she even shut down the site b/c it was causing so much turmoil (my ex had the password, in which my wife gave to her thinking it was a good thing!).

So today I get a call from my son’s therapist stating that my son is so anxious about being put on this site (my wife even called the ex to tell her that he will not be on there!). My wife took a pic of him when he was here last but made NO mention that this or anything else of him was going to be put on there. If anything, she just said he was welcome to view the “happenings” as to what is going on w/ our family.

This was obviously a ploy to get her out of trouble for being in contempt over the lack of visitation over the holiday. She distorts, lies, etc. (especially when it comes to my wife) just so that she can keep our son all to herself. It’s just sad.

I just want to know if it’s true that I have to hire an attorney to get my son on his scheduled visits! And I really want to put it to her for her actions last week.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Ok, need to know if I can fill out a form and take it to court (or mail it in?). I found a Motion to Show Cause (pertaining to custody) but this was on the NC website. Not a form found on Buncombe’s like this.

Will this suffice? Or is this just a matter of calling the sheriff the next time this happens (as someone suggested)? And how will showing my sep. agreement stating every other weekend do any good as there are no specific dates?

Thanks in advance.

Go to pick up child and problems arise, call 911 and report a domestic problem and that you need help. They must come to 911 calls. If the system forces you to play hard ball, then play hard ball!


Perfect idea. Getting to see your child is an urgent matter. If you have to resort to making the 911 call, get a copy of the officer’s report EVERY time. It’ll pay off later.

My ex wife lives in another county in this state. She has been withholding visitation on and off for over 2 years (always with an excuse, but I’ve found most to be lies).

My 14 yr-old is to be with me over Thanksgiving weekend. She will not let me have him. Even though she states that my child doesn’t want to come, I not only have a hard time beleiving this, but this child is mine as well. And my family has planned to have him during this time!

It is in my sep. agreement that I am to have my child every other weekend and every other holiday. Well, this is this year, I am to have visitation rights during this Thanksgiving.

Should I call DSS in that county? A sherrif? This is so wrong…so wrong. [V]