Home Purchase and Unemployment

My spouse bought a house a month before we got married. I didn’t have a job at the time, and my spouse had a job. A few months after the purchase, I got a stable job, and my spouse lost employment (and didn’t have a job for a couple of years after that time). I helped paying all the bills during that time, and now we are separated, and considering a divorce. We have no kids, and if we decide to get a divorce, we both agreed to make the process as fast as possible and optimize the costs as much as possible as well.

I understand that if the house was purchased prior to the marriage, that is my spouse’s home. However, I paid for everything during the time where my spouse didn’t have a job (which was longer than the few months I was without a job) Because of that, even when I am not an owner of the house, do I have any rights on the home?


Active increases to the value of the house that occurred during the marriage are marital in nature and should be divided in equitable distribution. It does not matter which party paid the mortgage or was employed, although these issues may be used as overall distributional factors.