Home Refinance

I was just following up to hopefully get an opinion on this topic. How long does a judge typically give someone to refinance to get the ex-spouse’s name off the mortgage?

I was given ‘a reasonable amount of time’ on my agreement. Very vague[:)], BUT my ex had badly damaged our credit so I was not able to qualify for about 1-1/2 years.

I would hesitate to guess what the time frame is since there are so many variables…especially with today’s economic issues.

Well, we’re beyond the agreement stage. We have custody, child support, and ED being heard this month. The ex is extremely upset that we have moved back into the home and took the house off the market (it had been for sale for over a year with only 2 offers that both fell through). In mediation I asked for two years since the mortgage had not been paid in over a year because he decided to move in with his girlfriend. I was just curious as to a general timeframe because the non-payment has negatively affected my credit. Today’s economic situation doesn’t help matters either. Thanks for the info!

My order did not give a time frame. But you can have your atty bring up him defaulting on the loan. I would take any proof: emails, letters, written agreements, temp court orders, ect… that you have that your ex was responsible for paying the mortgage. If you can get the proper wording put into the court order, you can use that to send to credit reporting agencies with a letter to help repair your credit. I have to send it in that I am not responsible because he has not refinanced it in order to show my debt to income ratio is not as high as it appears to be.

How long does a judge typically give someone to refinance the marital home? I know each case is different, but I’m just looking for a typical/average timeframe.