Homeless Spouse


A little over a year ago (Dec 2011) I hired a lawyer and got a separation agreement with my wife. It’s signed and notarized and outlines all the property and child custody matters.

My ex-wife is now working as a trucker, and is in fact homeless; she lives out of her truck.

My current lawyer says that, in order to complete the divorce, she needs to be served papers or sign an acceptance of service document. My ex refuses to sign anything for emotional reasons; she says this is “my divorce” and that I need to deal with it entirely myself. So she won’t sign an acceptance of service, and she has no address to serve to.

According to my current lawyer, I’m stuck until she has a residence – which, bluntly, may be never. I’m really eager to move
on with my life and I don’t think she’s ever going to get a home – every indication is she is intent on dragging this out as long as
possible. She’s sent me multiple emails saying she won’t sign anything.

Do I have any options here or am I just stuck? I’d really like to move on with my life already.


Talk to your attorney about serving her via publication. It is more costly, but it can be done.