Self Service/General Question about Child support, etc

My soon to be ex and myself are pretty much in agreement about everything. We have a separation agreement that we created and signed (and had notarized) when we separated. We have a few changes to be made to the document. I will be filing the paperwork by self service, but these documents do not include the agreed upon things that have to do with child support, house, etc. I have been told all I have to do is draw up a Consent Order, both parties sign it and file it with the Court. Then file the other documents for the actual divorce. I just want to confirm that is correct. Thank you!


You do not need to file your agreement at all, or create a consent order unless you wish for your agreement to become a court order. Whether or not you incorporate the agreement into an order it is still enforceable.

Thank you! So I just make the changes to the separation agreement, sign and notarize again. Then if problems were to come up later I would file something with the court then?


Yes, that is correct. You may sign an amended agreement, and if it becomes necessary, file an action for breach of contract in the future.

Thank you so much!

You are most welcome.