PSS and CS

He has finally agreed to move out. Yay! I have consulted with an attorney awhile back. She gave me some forms to fill out so I could get a handle on what my living expenses are, since he will have to continue to support me. If we come to agreement on what he will have to pay, do we need to file it with the justice system through an attorney? Or can we just get it notarized? He seems to accept that he will have to support me, he just isn’t trustworthy in other areas. He won’t want to look bad to other people. I just need to make sure I am protected and do it the right way. There is also still one minor child of ours who will be residing with me. Thanks for your help.

You do not need to file anything in court if the two of you can come to an agreement. The agreement however must be in writing and signed by each of you before a notary public.

Thank you so much!

You are most welcome. I wish you the best.