How do I file for custody?

The parties are separated and have been for years. The mother had the child in her care without anything in writing but she has been neglecting the child. She also has a history of drug abuse. The father has taken the child and had her for three weeks now. She is 9 and enrolled in school doing well. The mother has allowed her to stay without pulling her out of the new school. Social services would not do anything and neither would the magistrate. We need to know how the father can go about filing for custody or getting an emergency hearing. The court has no forms to fill out and they just said we need to get an attorney. This is in Gates County.

you can look up N c courts . Org ( put all that together it wouldn’t let me post the link but they have forms

What key word do I search because I had already done my research there before I posted this. The search for custody didn’t turn up anything helpful. It appears the only forms I can find anywhere are for divorce. If you know the form numbers or exact names I need, that would be helpful. Thanks

You will need to complete and file a complaint for child custody and a civil summons. These will both need to be served on the other parent. You can get access to a library of legal forms and communicate with an attorney through our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, and would be a helpful resource for you to handle your custody issues.