How do I get my son back?

I have an 18 mo. old little boy and he has been primarily in my care since I separated from my boyfriend six months ago. My ex wasn’t being a good father and he was making bad personal choices (drugs, ect). I allowed him supervised visitation with our son but he didn’t want to take part in them. After much negotiation between us and his assurance that he was no longer on drugs, he agreed to sign a parenting plan with me if I would allow him a weekend visit with our son. He took him and refuses to return him. He IS on the birth certificate so the police will not help me.
He served me with a pro se complaint for full custody and I answered it stating why he should not be given full custody. At the time, my son was still with me. What do I do now? I have no money for an attorney. Can I file a pro se ex parte order? I am scared to death he is going to flee the state with my son and return to his home state of Washington. I was told I need an attorney to file for emergency custody but I thought anyone could self represent for any motion in the courts? If not, then what do I do next? I am desperate and this is killing me. I know my little boy is confused and has no idea what’s going on or why his mommy isn’t with him now. :frowning:

You could file a motion for emergency custody. If you cannot afford an attorney you could contact and see if they can help. Good luck.