He took my son

On Friday night, my 13-year old son threw a fit in regards to not being allowed to go to his girlfriend’s house. I called my estranged husband for some parental reinforcement and he turned the tables on me, yelling and cussing at me on the phone about what a horrible mother and person I am.

I fell apart emotionally after months of the verbal abuse from a man I have love and cared for over 20 years. He called the Sheriff’s Department and took my son for what was supposed to be a weekend. Today, on Sunday, I called to see what time to pick my son up and I was told he doesn’t want to come home.
Whatever my husband has told him, along with my two older children, has my child saying he would rather live in a two bedroom shack without a bedroom of his own than to come home.

I want to pick my child up from school tomorrow and head to Florida with my family. I have no one here and he has successfully turned all three of my children against me. I know in my heart I am a good mother and a good wife. While my husband is a multi-stroke patient with serious mental impairments.

We have no separation agreement nor child custody agreement, hence the reason why the Sheriff’s dept will not help me.

I need to get my son back, have my husband provide the support we both need since I have been a stay-at-home mom and wife for over 20 years. He is retired military with 100% disability, 100% SS Disability and a stipend provided by the gov’t for going to UNCP.

I need an attorney now who can aggressively attack this case immediately. After all this, I am sure he is going to cut off any and all monetary support he has been providing thus far.

Please help! This is a sick demented man with serious brain complications from multiple strokes.

Email me at amzggrace7@gmail.com

Thank you so very much.

You need to schedule an appointment with an attorney to discuss filing suit for custody and support. You may contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys by dialing the main number and selecting extension 100.