Need some help

My fiance’ has a 7 year old son whom he has been sharing custody of with his ex wife, for a time the child lived out of state with myself and my fiance’ from 2004 to 2007 at which time we moved to North Carolina so that the mother could be involved in his school activities and so forth. The child has been living with us Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays with Mother Thurs, Friday, Saturday and Sunday . He did reside with us on Sundays for some time. Everything was fine up until Oct or Nov of 2010 the mother was living with her new husband and a “girlfriend” there was some sort of dispute between the husaband and the “girlfriend” and we were told the husband received a job promotion and they would be living in Atlanta GA. At the time the mother agreed that the child’s best intrest was to stay in Charlotte in our home and visit GA. Which we agreed to . She spoke to her father who basically told her she either take her son with her or do not move to GA. She became very distant from us , would not speak to us about the matter and hired an attorney to fight for custody so that she could move to GA. We filed for emergency temp custody over Christmas break due to her current husband telling us that she planned on moving to GA we had no address no working phone number where they would be able to be reached, we still only have the “girlfriends” number because she and her husband changed phone numbers. The mother’s father is now working with us to ensure that his grandson stay in NC after he has learned the whole story and the lies that she has told. The mother’s stepmother who is an ICU nurse believes because of behavior issues with the mother that she is abusing her Xanax prescription which she admits she is taking. The mother is bi-polar, has had a past suicide attempt, and has a criminal record for shop lifting. She has also left him at school early in the cold weather and he has had to stand outside for over ten minutes waiting for an adult to let him in the building. The new husband is a drinker the child even knows the name of the beer he drinks and states that he is afraid of the “step father” we did call DSS abouth the fears of the child, the man has left a mark on the child in the past from spanking excessively. He yells at the child as well for little of nothing. We feel the mother is in an abusive relationship and we do not want the child in this situation. The new husband is very controlling the child must call him dad . We are very concerned if the child does move to GA what the step father will do. The child is currently in counsleing.
We feel the mother is trying to replace my fiance’ and alienate him from his child’s life.

So my question is how do we stop the mother from moving out of state with the child? We have serious concrens about the child’s welfare when he is in another state with no one to check in.

Please any advice would be great

Thank you

Have you consulted on your legal counsel ? i think the child needs to stay on your custody, by the way how old is the child now? ask for a legal advise asap.

I am looking for the forums where people ask for help. I am always ready to do help here firstly I figure out than I can try to solve your problem. Thanks for asking