I am a homeschool mom who suspects husband of of adultery. He has moved out about 6 months ago.

I have left the home to be with my parents in Florida, along with my 16 year old daughter. So, schooling is not a problem and is actually very portable whereever we go.

My husband is threatening criminal charges of parental kidnapping and claims I have brainwashed my daughter into wanting to be with me.

My daughter has already told the attorneys that her desire is to be with me. My attorney says that is probably enough and is very confident.

Do I have to put up with husband’s threats? I believe the courts will favor me due to my daughter’s testimony.

Many thanks in advance.


If you have gone to Florida and let your husband know where you and your child are, and have allowed him access to the child you have not kidnapped her.


I have 50/50 custody of my Daughter who lives in a different State. She comes to me to spend all summer long. My Daughter is 9 years old and tells me all the time she wishes she could have a new Mom. She also stated "Daddy can you take me to talk to a judge so I can tell him/her that I don’t feel safe living with my Mom and want to Live with my Daddy “Pretty sad coming from a 9 year old little girl! Her Mother has an extensive history of drug abuse and is still using drugs! My Daughter has told me on numerous occasions as well as with other reliable sources that she has seen her Mom doing drugs! I want to file for emergency custody and would like legal advice on how to go about doing this as I am not too good with North Carolina law. Please help me here as I need it or wouldn’t be asking for the help. I’m willing to hire the right “GOOD” Lawyer to help me in this matter. When my Daughter comes down here this summer I am not going to send her back into the horrible situation that she is in now. I am deeply concerned for my Daughter’s safety and need help A.S.A.P.!!! Please HELP ME!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I will be checking back here each and every day to see if there are any responses’s to this post. Once again thank you for taking the time to read this!


If you have reason to suspect your daughter is living in an unsafe environment I would suggest filing a Motion to modify custody and include a prayer for temporary relief. How you go about this will depend on which state the current order is entered in.


I haven’t barred his access to our child, but I’m not just going to let him take my daughter anytime he wants to.

I also found my stbx took his 401k and spent it on his credit card debts! He can’t get away with that, can he??


You should try and work with your ex regarding visitation, just as he should not be able to take your daughter whenever he wishes, you should not withhold her whenever you wish. The only loser in situations where the parents either “snatch” or withhold a child, is the child.

As for the 401(k) any cash out will be accounted for in the distribution.