How long?


my spouse was held in contempt for not paying child support and spousal support. This was 90 days ago. He only paid $200 of the 11,000 owed and did not pay the monthly support during these 3 months. The 90 days ended yesterday. What are the next steps?

Do I contact my atty to tell him spouse never paid?

Ex-Spouse fired his atty from last trial and I do not know if he has another. DO we have to wait until he is represented before he can be taken back to court?

How long can this process take?

He was ordered to go to jail for 30 days if he did not purge contempt in 90. Yesterday was day 90. Does he still have a chance to purge. How long can I be expected to wait?

I am taking care of minor children and I do work, but I do not have enough to pay bills without his support. I was even denied a loan at the bank because of poor credit.

Can he prolong this anymore? Can he soon be forced to sell assets?

thank you for your time.


Yes, you will need to contact your attorney so he or she can let the judge know that your ex did not purge himself of contempt within the 90 day given, you do not have to wait until he retains a new lawyer to move forward. The process should not take long at all, he will be ordered to purge the amount there and then, or will be sent to jail.