How Often is CS Calculated?


How often can my ex-wife motion for a modification of Child Support? Is there a time frame or percentage of change in income that triggers a need for modification? Is either of those triggers my responsibility to communicate to her, her attorney or to the court? I am not trying to hide money or circumvent the system - since my income has not changed - but I wonder how often I will have to respond to a motion for modification and supply affidavits.


You don’t have to supply her with the information unless it is pursuant to a modification getting filed, or if you had an agreement that lists that you must keep her updated with your income information. Modifications can technically be filed any time that there is a substantial change in circumstances. A substantial change in circumstances is presumed to have occured if there is a 15% differential in the amount of child support that has previously been ordered and what would be ordered now using the guidelines, and 3 years have passed since the last Order was made, but you do not have to show those things to get a modification.