How to file QDRO


I obtained a legal separation in April. Part of the stipulations were that my exH had to sign over our retirement accounts, via QDROs. I have the QDROs from him now, and his attorney told me to download a Domestic Civil Action Cover Sheet, and a Civil Summons, which I have done. My question is, what do I do now? Thank you for any direction you can provide. I have used up my attorney’s retainer and am trying to just file this on my own if at all possible.


You file the Civil Action Coversheet, the Summons, and a Complaint for Division of Retirements benefits with the clerk of civil district court in your county. You will then send these documents with to your ex’s lawyer asking them to accept service. Once that is done you may submit the Orders to the judge for signature, get certified copies and send them to the Plan Administrator of each of the accounts for division.


Is there a rule of thumb as to how long this entire process takes (i.e., from filing to completion of the transfer)?


It really depends on the Plan.