How to file taxes?


I left stbx on October 24th of this year. I do NOT want to file jointly as I found out after I left that he had been filing unemployment for a good part of the year, and I am 99% certain he did not have taxes taken out. Last year for taxes, he had unemployment I knew about, and he didn’t take out taxes, and I went from getting back a good refund to getting back virtually nothing because we filed jointly. However, this year, he never even told me that he was collecting unemployment…and he has been filing since he’s been working as well (but that’s another issue). I have always SOLELY paid the mortgage, and the 2nd mortgage (he’s on the 2nd, but not the first). I do NOT want to have to pay taxes on money that he collected and never contributed to the home (he is a drug addict and spent all of it on drugs, I’m certain)

I don’t know how to file though…can I file as Head of Household or do I need to file Married filing Separately? Filing HOH would benefit me more, I believe…


You should consult your tax preparer to see if you qualify for HOH based on your circumstances, and have them run the numbers both ways to see which is more beneficial.