How to transfer a car title over to the stbx


As part of our equitable distribution, she gets one car and I get the other. She is in SC but the car is still registered in NC. We never got a title (or lost it) but I just got a Lien Release form from the lender showing that the car is paid off in full. This form seems to show the vehicle in my name (it is addressed only to me, her name is not on it anywhere)

  1. Can she get the duplicate title in SC using this form and her SC DMV (she has a SC driver license already)
  2. Or do I have to do it here in NC?


  1. How do I assign the title over to her. I would like to try and combine it all in one step/trip to a DMV if it is required.

Anyone ever have any experience with this sort of thing?




You will first need to request a replacement title in North Carolina. When you receive it you will sign over ownership to your ex (there is a section on the back of the title where this can be done.) She can then take the document to her SC DMV to have the same issued in SC in her name.


Thanks very much!


You are welcome.


When did you get the Lien Release from the lienholder? I wouldn’t start worrying until a couple weeks have passed before assuming the title was lost. (Which may prevent the need for getting a duplicate title.)

Depending on how the lienholder handled things, your X may actually have the title. (The lienholder may have sent you a courtesy copy of the lien release form, either on their own initiative, or at the behest of your X.)

What does your X say?