Husband has stopped paying bills...any recourse?

I am in the beginning stages of a divorce. In an ex parte order, I was ordered temporary child custody, restraining order to keep husband from altering home/utilities, and my car. We do not go to court for temp child custody until 9/9, after that is support and ed.

  1. My husband has emailed me saying he will not pay a credit card. It is in my name, but was obtained by him and has been paid by him entirely. Am I responsible now? Concerned about my credit.

  2. My husband emailed saying he was dropping 2 cars off the car insurance (my older 2 children from a previous marriage drive them). I guess he can do that?
    Also, one of the cars is titled in his name. Can he drop insurance if it is titled in his name? He’s refusing to change title, saying it has to be court ordered.

3.He continues to email me 1-2x day, telling me what he is not going to do. Should I respond or just save the emails?

I am trying to be civil since we have to live in same house and have an 8 yr old. I do his laundry, clean, cook and he eats with us. Then every evening he sends me these emails. I definitely feel trapped and walked all over on, but don’t know what else to do. Anyone know chances of him being evicted from house when we go to court?

Thank you

  1. If the credit card is in your sole name, if your STBX doesn’t pay it, then you will need to. However, the balance of the credit card on date of separation can be used for equitable distribution, so you can take over the debt in exchange for an equivalent share of the assets.

  2. Just save the emails, IMNSHO.

Also, the one year timer for a divorce does not start until you are living separate and apart, which from your description, is not happening yet.

The temporary order is not intended to deal with the credit card bills, and this issue will be handled in Equitable Distribution. You may file a motion for interim allocation of debt seeking to have the judge order him to pay the credit card bill. The motion hearing allows you to be heard on such pressing issues without having to wait for a full trial on the property portion of your case.

Your husband is not responsible to cover your other children on his car insurance, and may drop them at this time.

As for the emails, I suggest you hold on to them, for future reference, and if necessary evidence in court of any threats or harassment the emails may contain.