Credit issues

I just learned after running a credit report, that my “roommate” (husband) has accrued more than $70, 000 plus in credit card debt. Several of the cards I did not know I even had and one (with the largest amount) is in my name (he had been assuring me that he was paying this). He has not had a job in 5 years but deluded me into thinking that he was keeping a sales business viable. I had NO IDEA this was happening and he never gave me any indication that he needed help. I am overwhelmed with stress. We were on our way to a separation (he agreed to this finally) when I learned all of this. I believe he may done this, in part, to hold up the separation. I have no idea how to manage this. I did have him sign a promissory note that stated he would pay back all the debt he acquired without my knowledge or consent. It was notorized. Does that hold any weight legally and is there anything else I can do? Help!

The issue of the credit card debt can be raised by suing in for Equitable Distribution. You can ask the court to award an unequal distribution of marital assets/liabilities (in your favor). The Equitable Distribution statute provides many factors for a judge to consider when making an ED ruling.

Your spouse may be criminally liable for fraud if he has opened credit lines in your name without your knowledge or authorization.