Husband is doing things

My husband is doing a lot of things my complaint requests the court for him not to do such as he is stopping payment on life insurance policies for me. he is trading a brand new car for a truck and other things I’ve requested the judge consider not allowing him to do. This is just the initial separation support stuff. He’s asked for 30 more days so I won’t get into court until late November or December. I’m living on half an income now (on disability). Is there anyway to file something else since losing everything including later financial security before a judge even heard the complaint.

You best bet is to go ahead and calendar your hearing for post-separation support for the soonest date you can. You can also move to get an injunction to prevent him from wasting marital assets.

Can I calendar it if he took an extension of 30 days which ends on Nov 9th. How do I get an injunction? Can I ask for emergency relief…I have no money to eat, gasoline or go to my doctors appointments (out of county) I’m only living on SSDI.??

Yes, you can calendar your hearings even though he has filed an extension to answer the complaint.