Emergency Relief

I have filed a complaint against my husband on August 31st and filled out a myriad of paperwork at the clerk of court’s office. One form had me check off a number of things including post separation support. My husband and his lawyers extended their time by 30 days. I am indigent. I have depended on my husband financially for 5.5 years. I am unable to buy food, put gas in my car, go to my doctor’s appointments due to no gas and no money for co-payments. I am in dire straights financially. I was told I could file a Motion In The Cause to get post separation support sooner. I have looked for the proper documents to fill out and have printed out AOC-CV-752 and 753. Are these the correct forms? I am not sure how to complete them if they are and what to do with them once I have completed them. I am in serious trouble financially and he maked 50,000/year. I know I will also have my initial hearing prolonged since I have created Interrogatories that I will send after sending what needs to be sent to get post separation support ASAP. I am on disability and applied for Medicaid and food stamps but was turned down. Please Help!! Thank you!

You need to make sure you have calendared your hearing for PSS - this can take place as scheduled regardless of the fact that your spouse’s attorney filed a motion to extend time to answer the lawsuit. Go forward with making sure that hearing has been calendared and you provide his attorney with the notice of hearing. Beyond that, if you need help procedurally, I can point you to our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, gives you access to our library of legal forms and communication with an online attorney to help you with the procedural aspects of your case.