Emergency spousal support


Is it abandonment if your spouse cuts you off financially while you are waiting for court dates and mediation appointments to occur? We still live in the same home and I am a dependent spouse. How can I get financial help immediately? It seems that he is trying to make sure I am not financially able to fight back legally. I have an attorney but with court dates being pushed back until December, i will surely use up all of my retainer with no results to show for it. how am I suppose to live with no support?


Your attorney is in the best position to answer your questions, but it sounds like you should try to get into court for a post separation support and attorney fees hearing as soon as possible.



Are emergency post separation support cases seen before other cases? My attorney has told me that the courts were booked up until December. It seems like situations like mine should be able to get to court sooner than later. Thank you for your help.


Again, your attorney is in the best position to answer your question, but the scheduling procedure will vary from county to county.