Emergency Spousal support

Ok, so I have posted before and got good answers. My question is this , I have filed a complaint for spousal support , divorce from bed and board, equitable distribution and alimony . However it took scraping , pinching ,etc just to get the together to file that. I am in a situation where my husband was having an affair/ and now lives with the pregnant GIRL.We have attempted reconciliation several times but at this point I have no more energy to put into trying to fix something I didnt break. Anyways to make it short , during our marriage we worked opposite shifts to keep the children out of day care and I have been unemployed other than minor temporary work for the last couple years. Every time he came home to reconcile he asked me / told me to give up my temporary work/income and stupid me did so. well my unemployment has now run out and he refuses to help take care of his kids so I can try and find work, matter of fact he doesn't even visit them. He knows I have no means other than the 497 a month I finally get for child support . I can not afford to put my 2 yr old in child care and have no nearby relatives who are able to help with that, so I am in a no-win situation.( social services has no funding for child care) How do I get EMERGENCY spousal support? Is that a seperate action , and is it going to cost me another 100 filing fee? How are people in my situation suppose to live? I mean with the complaint already filed , he has 30 days alone just to answer to the complaint , and thats AFTER hes been served.
It is extremely hard to even manage necessities like power bill , rent etc . And it is humiliating as can be to try and scrape together enough change to buy even little necessities such as toilet paper. My husband is off renting rental cars at the cost 0f 419 for a week and eating at restaraunts and renting movies when my children, OUR children barely have what they need .
I look forward to any info you can help me with. Thank you in advance.

There is no action for emergency support, need to schedule your temporary hearing for post separation support.

This is antotally seperate question in regards to my original post.
Can anyone tell me how or if the fact that my husband is now expecting twins with the girl he cheated on me with , and the fact that she has now QUIT her job because she is pregnant and he is the only one supporting both of them will affect my rights to spousal support or the amount?
I did not tell him to cheat , nor did I tell him to create more kids when he doesnt take care of the ones he already has, so Im just curious if me and my children will once again have to pay because of there selfish behaviours. Will the judge take into consideration that he is the only one with income while she is pregnant and they are living together while we are LEGALLY MARRIED . My opinion of course is that , he is responsable to me and our children, NOT HER.

His adultery can affect the duration and amount of alimony, and how it will so affect those issues is within the discretion of the judge.