Husband refusing money

Support and child custody/visitation are viewed as two separate issues under the law in North Carolina. Parents are not permitted to deny visitation with children based on nonpayment of support. You may have a right to alimony from you husband, but I understand that you may not have the resources to pursue that. If he is not paying you child support, you should apply for the services of the Child Support Enforcement Agency. Check their website at [url][/url]

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I want to know if the husband is refusing to give me any money cause I did not meet him with a lawyer as I have seen it and was advised not to meet with his too…And he is now refusing to give me any money can I denie hom to see and have time with the kids? The kids are 15 and 17 years old…In fact yesturday when he came to get the daughter I had asked him for some money and he informed me that his lawyer says he does not have to give me no money and he said to me after “quit trying to live off of his income” when he was the one that cheated on the kids and I for a year and moved in with the woman he has been cheating with…

I feel he is trying to control me and the kids…And I want to put a stop to it as the kids and I have a life too…