I feel like my attorney isn't doing her job


Ok here is my situation. My ex and I seperated this Feb. He left 2/10/2004 and took all the furniture except the bedrooms suits. I have two small children and one being a special needs child. Since he has left I hired an attorney b/c he would not sign seperation papers, he denies paying child support and my attorney says he has mentally abused me. My questions are as follows:
I feel my attorney is not doing her job because I had papers served on him on April 27th. When I call my attorney’s office they say his 30 days are not up. Now that the 30 days will be tomorrow, what is the next process? My attorney tells me my court date is June 8th but it’s a pending case when I get the Clerk’s office to look at it. Is there something I need to do or is this the normal process?
My next question is, do I have a right to move, inside the state of NC, before my divorce is final? My special needs child has several doctors and they are in Charlotte. We presently live 1 1/2 hours away and I would like to move to Concord so he will be closer to the hospital.
Thank you so much for all your help. I am just so tired of getting the run around.