Attorney Problems

I was wondering what could happen to my former attorney. I have terminated her and made a formal grievance with the NC State Bar concerning this.

  1. My attorney told me she was filing a contempt of court order against my ex-wife but she did not.
  2. My attorney told me she was filing a child custody modifier but she did not.
  3. My attorney told me she subpoenaed my character witnesses for my child custody hearing but according to the clerk of court’s office, she did not.
  4. My attorney would not get my ex-wife to sign my house over to me after six months and repeated requests.
  5. My attorney did not divide my family pictures like she said she would in my equitable distribution agreement.
  6. My attorney would not get my satellite receiver back from my ex-wife after repeated requests.
  7. My attorney’s husband brought my child support agreement for me to sign while I was at work one evening. It was never explained to me and I never received a copy of this document.
  8. My attorney never gave me any sort of bill over a 15 month period. After I terminated her, she was still unable to give me a breakdown of her hours. But now she claims I own her one thousand dollars.
  9. My attorney referred me to the “bar association” to dispute her fees in the letter she sent me responding to her termination.

This was just a small part of my list that I sent to the NC State Bar. I sent all of my correspondence and court documents over 250 pages. I sent proof that my attorney lied to me and the NC State Bar Fee Dispute Resolution Program. I guess she did not think they would send me a copy of her letter. What could happen to her? I read that there were different levels of discipline up to being disbarred.

Thank you!!!

I am sorry to hear you had such a difficult time with your attorney. After the state bar reviews both sides of the story they have several disciplinary options they could impose from censure to disbarment. I am not in a position to predict what the outcome of this, or any case will be.

I had an absolutely awful experience with my former attorney. I just received a letter from the NC State Bar last night. It confirmed that they got my grievance and gave me a case number. It also explained the process in greater detail than the website did. It explained possible disciplinary actions from a letter of caution to disbarment. It said I needed to provide clear and cogent evidence which I think I did. I know it would be very diffcult to predict the outcome. But now that I have presented my side the best that I could and provided every piece of evidence I could get, I feel a lot better. Now I will have to leave it in the hands of the NC State Bar.

The letter also said that I could file a lawsuit for malpractice against my former attorney. What would I have to demonstrate in court to prove malpractice against a lawyer?

Thank you for listening and thank you for your assistance.

I do not practice in that area, and suggest you set a consultation to meet with a lawyer who does.

I wonder who your attorney is? I too am having attorney issues. She is non-responsive, does not follow through on what she has committed, etc. I retained her in April and have never gotten a statement. Maybe we could talk about this off of the forum. What county is she practicing in?

My 13 year old daughter just text me. She said, “mom needs a letter in writing saying that me and (her brother) dont need to b at the sheriffs office at 6 cuz of our football games.” My two oldest children are in the high school marching band.

Last year, I made police reports because my ex-wife did not bring my two oldest children to me for the exchanges. No one would tell me anything about what was going on. My ex wife would pull into the parking lot. My youngest son would get out of her car and walk across the parking lot to my truck. My ex wife would then speed out of the parking lot without a word about my two oldest children. Granted, I knew that they had football games that evening which is perfectly fine. But the custody agreement signed by a judge stated she has to bring the kids to the sheriffs dept at 6pm. So I would think it would be reasonable for my ex-wife to call or just let me know what is going on but she did not so I made the police reports.

My incompetent former attorney didn’t do anything with the police reports so here we are again. My ex wants this letter so she doesn’t have to inform me of anything just like last year. I did not know what to tell my daughter so I told her to tell her mother that her attorney needs to contact my attorney. Do you think there is anything else I should do?

You should file a motion for contempt.