I got questions and need answers?


I want to first say, its been a long time since I last posted I want to thank all that replied to posts in the past. Its been 19 months since the DOS (1 Feb 2007) and nothing I mean nothing has changed other than the agreement my STBX and I had regarding visitation and child support. To this day, there has been NO separation agreement and my STBX constant talks of me just signing divorce papers. I informed her that I was not signing anything that wasn’t ageed upon between the two of us. To bring some light to the situation, she has committed fraud and forgery on me regarding her 401K plan (because I didnt have one), and she has committed adultry and still remains involved with others and did I mention we are still legally married. Now, I admit that I refuse to do hurtful things that I should like filing court paperwork and having her arrested but who honestly will that hurt our two children (11,4). I just want to know what should I do. I’ve done everything trying to be acceptable about the situation and trying hard not to do anything stupid I’m just lost. If there is anyone out there who can help me understand this and what should my next course of action be. Again, thanks for your time and help.

Corey B. Patterson