I need help! Please

Usually the divorce will be granted in 30-45 days after they are filed, even if the other party does not sign. He has 30 to reply with a equitable distribution claim but there’s nothing that will really hold up the divorce. The courts will mail you a copy of the absolute divorce decree so if you have to move, you may consider calling them and giving them your address so they can mail. If you mention that this is a domestic violence issue then your address can not be given to your STBX. Good luck.

If my filed filed for absolute divorce on 11-4-06 and I wasn’t served until 11-27-06 when would the divorce be final? I’m not contesting this divorce & will not appear in court for or against him. We have been legally seperated for 3 years. All assets settled. No minors. Will I receive papers giving a court date or just papers with a final divorce decree?

The 30-45 days is from when the papers are served. My husband filed his papers and they were served around November 23rd last year and his papers were mailed to him in January. It would have been final sooner but the courts were closed for two weeks through Christmas and New Year’s. I would say that you will probably have final by first or second week in Jan.
Good Luck

will the papers be for a court appearance or a final decree. Sorry to be such bother…

No court appearance should be necessary, if it is you will be notified prior to the date. The only reason it should be necessary is if there is a question of the separation date. Neither my husband nor his ex had to go to court for the divorce. He filed the papers, she didn’t sign, but in January he was mailed the final decree. As I said, you can always contact the clerk of court and let them know this is a domestic violence issue and find out what will happen.

I am in a domestic violence situation I have already signed papers for my divorce and I am wondering what will happen next I am so confused! My soon to be ex was served his papers on november 29th…I know that he has 30 days to return the papers! Where do the papers go to? How long will take to get my divorce I need to move…I am so confused! I haven’t asked for alimony, no property issues, no children, no money!!! Help???