I need this to stop!


Dear mbn:

Greetings. First, if you are working off Worksheet B of the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines (also known as the Joint Custody Worksheet), then yes, you should pay for things while the children are with you, but not necessarily the things he thinks you should pay for.

I would file a motion for a determination of who should pay for the braces. First though, tell him that you do not agree to the cosmetic procedure at this time because you cannot afford it.

Finally, there is nothing you can ever do now to “get him off your back” except give him more money. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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I have been divorced for 7 years w/ 2 children in which he has legal custody however we use the Joint Custody Form because I have enough over nights to do so. This form has not been modified until recently when he & I did your online form.

My problem is since I am paying much less now he says I should have more money to pay for things like school lunches, pay the YMCA for “my” days that they are out of school, etc.
Is this correct?
Am I responsible for these things?

I’ve tried to tell him the reason I pay less is because his income is a lot more than mine. He is nickle and diming everything and telling the kids to tell me what he will and will not pay for which puts them in a bad position.

It’s time for braces and he says whatever his insurance doesn’t cover then I will pay 100% of that figure. According to the newly redone worksheet I am responsible for 40% of any doctor’s/prescription bills.
Is that correct (100% or 40%)?

He continues to say if you don’t pay for such-n-such then we going to have to redo the worksheet.

What can I do to get him off my back and make sure that I am paying for what I am suppose to and not what he tells me to pay? I thought if you pay child support that goes for the school lunches & YMCA because that’s considered daycare?