I was issued a 50C, No Contact Order!

Will make this as short as possible, but I am baffled and need direction.

The bio-mom to my stepson and I had been on friendly terms throughout the 5+ years since my husband and I married. But…she hired an attorney last year to cite that my husband was not paying his child support on time (not true, but this isn’t the case at hand). Since then, our relatonship has not been as friendly (but civil).

My stepson and I have get along very well. In fact, bio mom often asked me to “talk to him” if the situation warranted it over the years. My stepson loves his father, but is afraid to talk to him about any “important” issues. His father is indeed a bit unapproachable (distant).

Over the holidays, stepson was to be here a lot longer than his mother wanted. She even threatened that she would not allow him to be here at all. (According to their sep. aggreement, he is to be here for nearly 3 weeks; they eventually agreed to one week.) Moreover, his son told his father that he was “not comfortable in coming here” this year, but didn’t want to talk about it. But I intervened and asked my stepson why he was uncomfortable. This led to a lengthy conversation between stepson and myself. He wanted to go home early (by 3 days), and my husband wanted him to stay. I made the mistake of talking my husband into letting him go home early in any event.

His mother was VERY appreciative. However, she gave me her word that she would not tell my husband a very important detail (irrevelant to any of this) of the convo I had with her son until I spoke to my husband myself. But she did not keep her word, and immediatly told him once her son was enroute back to his home. From there, things got very upsetting at home.

I left her a voice mail (non-threatening, but angry) as to “how could you break your word, etc.” I was mad, but no threats were made, nor did I become foul.

Furthermore, she took every piece of my convo with my stepson (which was just between he and I) and distorted it. There were several “examples” of such outlined in her attorney’s letter. Everything was taken out of context, distorted, and there were even bolf-faced lies within it. This behaviour of hers is not suprising. I, in turn, wrote a letter to our (my husband’s) attorney stating that all that was written was false.

Her tactic, basically, is to have her son’s visitations limited or stopped. She does not like him coming here for her own jealous and dependent reasons. My stepson does enjoy being with us - it’s obvious. But b/c he lives 3 hrs away, of course, he gets homesick, esp. when here at length.

Finially, my problem: I wrote a letter to the bio mom (non-threatening, but firm). I sent this out of hurt and anger (I realize I should not have sent this, but I did). I stated that I was appalled that she could stoop so low to say these things about me (slander, distortion of the truth, etc.), esp. ALL I’ve done for her and her son over the years.

So her attorney sent a letter citing that I am to be issued a 50-C, No Contact Order. There was nothing criminal done. The voicemail and letter were non-threatening, yet the letter stated such.

What does this mean? Do I have to go to court? Is there any way at all I can protect myself in this? Can I sue her for emotional distress, slander, whatever?!?!?

This has caused incredible problems at home, and my husband actually “sides” with his ex in this!

BTW…she has threatened me, and my husband in the recent past. She made up a bold-faced lie (different situation) about me which she made her own son “support”. Am I supposed to just sit back and take this?

I’ve been the one to “calm her down” in several of her deranged instances. She recently threatened to call the police on my husband after they met to exchange thier son based upon nothing (she claimed the father was acting weird…could not articulate how, but just wanted to get her son back). She told ME that her son confided stated that my husband was abusing my dog (which she threatened to come get!)AND my daughter (that we have together, and threatened to call DSS!) Crazy, crazy lies. It’s a sick game that she is playing (besides the clear fact that she is mentally disturbed), but I have to stick up for myself!

Sorry so long, but is there anything I can legally do to protect myself (character)? And what does this hogwash of a No Contact order really mean (besides the obvious…I have no intention of contacting her!).

Thanks for reading this. This is too much drama for me to contend. I am ready to call you people to separate from my husband, as he clearly isn’t protecting or standing up for me. And I’ve been the consummate supportive wife and stepmother. It’s just so not fair!