Inheritated Property becomes Martial?

My X inheritated farm property before our marriage of 20 years including an established family care business operated by his mother. After several years of marriage we refinance the farm and business to build another facility together, both names on the loan. We refinance again, and again and the last time he lied to me about his true purpose and established himself as the sole owner of a Holding Company called Little Texas. Both names are on this loan but he established himself as the sole owner excluding my name on the bank declaration during our last refinance in 2006. Will the court look at the inherited property as separate or martial property? The farm land and first care home business was used as collertal to build two additional homes on the land.

The farm land may be deemed as having been gifted to the marriage when your husband included your name on the deed. Any active increase in value on the business which has occurred during your 20 year marriage is martial in nature.