Interpretation differences

I assume the papers you are referring to are a Separation Agreement rather than court documents signed by a judge. If your agreement does not spell out exactly which items are necessary (and it probably does not, as the list could go on and on), the definition will be open to interpretation. If you and she can not eventually agree on which things are necessary, you will ultimately end up in front of a judge, asking him to decide for you. Since this will be expensive (more than the cost of the braces, for example) and time-consuming, it would be best if you and the ex could agree.

The basic rules for contract interpretation involve the use of common sense. In your case, if an orthodontist thinks braces are necessary, chances are a judge is going to believe they are necessary. Eyeglasses and ADD medication sound similarly important. Acne medication, perhaps less so.

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My exwife and I are having difficulties agreeing on the interpretion/definition of some wording in our papers that were filed 9 1/2 years ago. Under the section title Child Support there is a statement that follows details of the monthly child support (amount and when) that reads: “In addition, Husband shall provide medical and dental insurance coverage for the parties’ minor children and shall be responsible for all necessary uninsured medical and dental expenses incurred on behalf of the parties’ minor children.” The primary term we are in disagreement on is the definition of ‘necessary’, and would like to get it defined better to reduced future disagreements. For example, my thoughts are that braces are not actually necessary (although a good idea). She claims to have a letter from the orthodontist that says they are necessary. Other descrepencies include acne treatment, ADD medication (which he took for 2 weeks and then quit), and eyeglasses. Could you give me some insight on this?