Braces for the daughter

…can I be forced into paying for braces? This seems elective to me, and GOD knows if I thought I could afford it I would gladly pay, but how can I be expected to pay for something when I don’t have the money and isn’t this an elective procedure?

insofar as I can tell, my divorce agreement doesnt commit me to pay for braces or for procedures that aren’t medically necessary.

thanks for your answers.

If the braces are not medically necessary and you are only on the hook to share in expenses that are medially necessary you do not have to pay.

I realize you aren’t representing me in court, but I DO thank you for your responses.

I was a good husband and a good provider. I was never perfect, but I never cheated or did anything overt or deliberate to undermine my marriage either. I feel like I have lost all control over my own life, and sometimes I feel as if all hope for the future is gone, too.

I just had to express that, and want to say thank you as well.

You are very welcome.