When my daughter was 15, there was a court order for me and my ex-wife to split 50/50 the price for braces. I started making payments to the dentist and my ex never took my daughter to get braces so the money was returned to me. That was basically the last I heard about braces. Fast forward 3 years, my daughter is now 18 and out of school (as of this past June). My ex just popped up and informed me my daughter did actually get braces when she was 17. My ex is threatening to take me back to court for my half of the cost. Am I still liable for this even though 1) I was never informed she even had the braces done. 2) the braces have been removed and 3) my daughter is over 18 and child support is over. There is also the issue of I had joint custody and was suppose to have some say so in where she had braces done. I didn’t want to use the dentist she ended up using due to the extreme price (almost $8000). I requested them to get a second price from another dentist 3 years ago and they didn’t which could be why they never told me they had the braces done. How long does that almost 4 year old court order stay in effect?

The order says you have to pay- though you could wait until she files a motion for contempt. It sounds like you have a pretty good defense- as you did not know the child had braces, and were not made part of the decision.