Making major decisions for child

I have a 16 year old daughter by my ex. We have joint legal custody, with her having primary physical and me secondary physical custody. According to our divorce/custody arangement we are both to have input in all major decisions in her life. My daughter needs braces. I have put her on my dental insurance and agreed to pay for half for all non-covered expenses. The dentist my ex wants to use is not covered by my insurance, but there are others very close that are covered. If they use a covered dentist we will receive a 25% discount (over $1000). Do I have any say so in what dentist they go to and what is my recourse if they refuse to go to a covered dentist? My ex has continously made very important decisions for the child without consulting me (changing schools, cosmetic surgeries, not telling me of injuries or illnesses to the child). Thanks!

You may sue her for breach of the agreement in not allowing you an equal say in decisions regarding the child’s dental care.

So do I still have to pay for half even if they choose to use the higher priced dentist? What can I do if they refuse to use the in-network besides take her back to court (which will probably take longer than what the time she will have the braces).

If you refuse to pay half, she has the same remedy and can sue you for breach of contract. It would be up to the judge to decide the proper remedy.