Interstate Emergency Child Custody

My husband is currently a resident of North Carolina and has a son from a previous marriage that resides in Georgia. His son is suppose to be living with his mother but she currently does not care for him as she has him staying with a friend of hers, his “godmother”. The mother is currently on probation for unpaid tickets within georgia and florida. There is no legal custody order in place for the son, who is 3 years old. Would my husband be able to obtain emergency temporary custody of the child here in NC if he is able to bring the child up here from georgia? Due to the child not being cared for by the mother?

Also, mother is unemployed and lives with her mother. My husband is currently serving in the military and more than able to care for his son.

It sounds like proper jurisdiction would be in GA if the child has been residing there for more than 6 months. Your husband should talk with an attorney in GA to discuss filing an action for custody.