IRS Wage Garnishment and Child Support?

I got a text from my ex today that said:
“you might not get child support for a while. the irs is garnishing 80% of my wages. they say in 2007 i had 100k in unreported income and i have to pay back 40k. i have an attorney working on this but the irs is being asses”.

I have court ordered child support from NC. My ex gets paid the 15th and the last day of each month. That means that I usually have half of my monthly amount out of each paycheck, and it’s direct deposited into my account. I usually see it on the 2nd and the 16th or so.

Is this true? Will the IRS take the money before I get child support?? I can’t make it if so. Any advice would be appreciated.

I believe child support comes out of the check prior to the IRS garnishment, but I have never dealt with this specific issue. I suggest you contact the IRS, or read more at