Is Alimony modifiable

I can’t answer on the alimony, that issue would depend on several things including what the orgininal agreement states.

As far as the child support, it should be age 18 or until graduation from high school. As long as the child is making an effort to graduate. This covers those children who turn 18 before graduating, or who are still 17 after graduting. If the child is not going to graduate, planning to quit school or fails then the parent can claim that the child is not making the effort to graduate and can have the courts allow him to stop paying child support at the age of 18. But this does take going to court. If the child turns 18 and/or gradutates high school then the child support does not legally have to continue, unless there is something in the agreement that stated that support would continue…

We discussed your question on yesterday’s live call-in show at around the 10 minute mark. I’ve included a link below. … ly-2-2008/

I have been divorced 7 yrs now. We did a separation agreement and i used 1 lawyer. He agreed and we are legally divorced. I have had to take him to court 3 x now due to him “losing his job” and couldn’t pay child/support and alimony.

Question is can he reduce the alimony payments even if he lost his job? I was told that never changes no matter what. Then i read something on this site that it can be. Sort of confused. Also, at what age in NC is the child support ended? 18 or out of high school?