Is there a limit to alimony/support

My wife wants me to move out (we will have a separation agreement before I move out) but wants me to keep paying all the household bills in addition to child support. Eventually this will be worked out before I leave, but is there a limit to how much of my income she can get in court. I am aware of the CS calculator. It says that I would have to pay her from 1000-1400 a month but she wants ~3400. That would leave me about 600 a month to live on.

We have some of our kids in private school where I have not been in agreement with her to keep them there and she wants me to pay half of their tuition which is where the ~3400 comes in.

I just need to have an idea on what is unreasonable for her to expect me to pay. Do I have some right to live by some minimal standard?


There is no set limit or minimum. They will award her enough for her reasonable needs, AND also consider your ability to pay. They can’t take what you don’t have and can’t leave you in poverty.

She is entitled to child support in the amount of the guidelines, and a portion of that support is intended to cover the household bills.
Alimony is based on the reasonable needs of the dependent spouse, and the ability of the supporting spouse to pay. There is no set limit, however you will not be expected to live on $600.00 per month as your reasonable needs will be taken in to account as well.